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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 7, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EST

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don't miss our best tv offer. order now and you can get an extra 140 meals absolutely free. >> breaking news right now, a fire underway in pittsburgh, and which country's president says that 9/11 attacks are a lie? hello violence erupting in iraq, the chaos on the ground coming hours before iraqis head to the polls to choose a new government. new aid pouring into chile a week after the devastating earthquake. what challenges lie ahead as more relief supplies trickle? also tonight, the president's final push. >> is it possible for washington
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to look out for the people's there's and the people's future. >> president obama says the debate is over and the time to vote on healthcare is now, but republicans say not so fast. they will do whatever they can to stop it. >> this will only cause premiums to rise and the quality of care to go down. >> plus, the growing debate over a leafy green that gives a high similar to marijuana. and in some states, it's perfectly legal. fourth downs legal
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as you know, it's allowing a majority of vote in the senate. and president obama did not use the word, reconciliation, but the president did leave little doubt on how he wants congressional democrats to proceed. and his meeting with insurance companies t. it's a major reason why. >> we will drop people's coverage when they need it. and these practices will continue, that's why we have to act now. that's why the united states congress owes the american people an up or down vote on health insurance reform. >> republicans and democrats disagree over what is the u.s. government and what it owes to the people. and here's democrat turned congressman parker griffith, who also is a doctor. >> the american people have said loudly and clearly that they do not the this job killing government take over of care.
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they want us to start over with a clean sheet of paper, lowering costs to families and small businesses. >> if you thought the rhetoric was heated to point, just you wait. withnostic elections on everybody's minds, the political it stakes don't get any higher, and steve joins us from washington. >> politics is driving this debate. the democrats want to go out on a campaign trail with a solid legislative accomplish the to point to, and the republicans hope that a slow incremental approach will win them voters for november. president obama is hoping for a quick action. after announcing his way forward on wednesday, he tried to keep the momentum going on his weekly radio address today. and he turned up the heat on insirrers, using a white house meeting. >> they couldn't give me a
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straight answer as to why they keep arb trayerly raising premiums. >> the president as not scheduled to be at that meeting, but made a surprise from an ohio woman. nancy pelosi and harry reid a they put politics above people. and that gop response came from a former doctor, now a congressman who switched parties. >> in the next few days, democrats in washington will try to jam through a massive take over of healthcare. today raise taxes, slash medicare benefits and destroy jobs. >> griffith says that the current medicare plan needs to be approached. >> to pass the overall
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healthcare, the democrats need all of political capital they can get. but it has an a brutal week for the party. a resignation and an ethics scandal coming ahead of an election that could shift of the balance in congress. new york congressman, eric mass a. retiring after a term, and charlie rang al stepping down as the chairman of the house ways and means committee after accepting trips to the caribbean. other ethics scandals, but democrats promising to clean up corruption, and now they have corruption problems of their own. john edwards had an extramarital affair and lied about it, and now these under investigation for possible misuse of campaign funds, rob blagojevich accused of trying to sell barak obama's
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senate seat. and then you recall elliot spitzer who resigned amid a prostitution scabbed al and david spitzer, calling for his resignation. all democrats, all hurting their party's chances to keep control of congress come election day. caroline shively has more from washington. >> in 2007, nancy pelosi said they were going to drain the swamp to disinfect congress, and now they have blaze want the head lines for democrats. eric masa said that he's resigning amid ethics investigation that he sexually harassed a male staffer. he used language that would have made a petty officer feel uncomfortable. and charlie, the ethics committee charged him with
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heading to the caribbean. pallosi said that her party is acting politically. >> we have been effective [ audio difficulties ] >> we lost that feed from airline shively. new attacks in iraq. a car bomb exploding near a bus of pilgrims, and three people are killed. parliamentary elections with fear and violence. yesterday al qaeda warned voters, fear the risk of attack. and dozens of people have died in polling stations for those casting early ballots. coming up, an election preview from baghdad, and to iran. president making comments on the
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9-11 movements. he called the official version of the 9-11 attacks "big lie" the hardline leader said it was all part of a complex intelligence ploy win the u.s. government used agency an excuse for the war on terror. >> coming to the aid of a country in need. the latest mission to ease the suffering in chile a week after one of the biggest quakes ever recorded rocked the country, and plus, a busy accident on an arizona highway kills six people. and now new word tonight. this bus from mexico should not have been on u.s. roads in the first place. this is going to make you angry. stay tuned, next.
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all of of the customers and employees fortunately making it out safely. but the popular tourist attraction, which is listed on the national register of historic places heavily damaged, famous for handmade metal work, which was once a popular industry, it's one of the few such businesses left in the country. a pot smoker who had a deep distrust for the government and spent years in and out of mental hospitals, that's the sad portrait that the friends and family are portraying the shooting on tuesday. john patrick pidel, luckily the
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cops survived but the officers returned fire, killing him. and his parents warned the police last month that their son was missing and he might have a gun. in past for marijuana and angry posts on the internet, the family says that the 36-year-old's actions were from mental illness, and not a defective character. a bus contractor, the operator was operating illegally. friday's contractor outside of phoenix, arizona, the operator of the bus didn't have a license to transport passengers. the bus was traveling from central hex mex to los angeles when it crashed. the police said it hit a pickup and rolled over on the street as you see there. of the 22 passengers, six were killed and the other 16 all injured, 9 in critical condition tonight. the arizona department of public safety is investigating what
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caused this horrific crash. the federal investigators are looking into the company operating the bus. the afternoon shocks continue in chile. six more just today following the historic 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck a week ago. more aid is coming in, and u.s. planes arrived in santiago. in chile, the massive quake did the most damage. visiting the heavily damaged city today, he says that the international community will provide aid to chile, bridges, hospitals, generators and water purification systems. >> david lee missing senior streaming live tonight and david, hi there. >> just a few moments ago, the sun set and on the streets are
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the chilean military to try to prevent looting. day and night, there's a horrible stench in the air, and the people who live here call it the stench of death. today marks one week since the community was hit by the quake and the tsunami and for them, their lives are far from normal. there are long lines of fuel and fuel and water. gabriella says that her small shop has been destroyed. it was damaged by the quake and the tsunami and then stripped bear by looters. she told us her son in college may have to drop out because she can no longer afford the tuition. nearby businesses have a similar fate. and the security officials are trying to figure out how much money was stolen from atms. no business went untouched, even one that the community needs more than ever, a funeral
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parlor. the rollercoaster death toll is once again on the rise. the authorities said they had overestimated the number of dead. in this city alone, today they found two more bodies, bringing the death toll here to 62, and the national death toll now inches up once again to over 500. >> thank you very much. republicans are looking to grab a key u.s. senate seat in america's heartland, and now tea party members are holding out, the grand old party, and the big debate coming up. and homelessness showing that it's becoming a growing issue outside of our nation's cities. i'm an adult with adhd. i'm getting treatment but sometimes i still have a hard time focusing and paying attention. it feels as though my thoughts are spinning.
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>> fox news is of course america's election headquarters, and one interesting race to watch will be right in america's herheartland, the gop, evan bye will evacuate. silent no more, a tea party group based, they are not endorsing any one canned date. but hundreds of hoosiers turned out for the debate. and article land impressed the audience most. he won two straw polls after the event. whoever wins will face a democratic challenger picked by party leaders for the election. meanwhile, a new senator who
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got a boost in his upset victory makes his first campaign trip on behalf of somebody else. welcome these guys? massachusetts senator, scott brown on the left. and john mccain on the right. mccain could face a tough primary challenge from jd hayworth who is running critical of mccain's conservative credentials? i want. >> homelessness is typically a problem for cities, but with the tough economic times, the shelters in the subers are so busy, they have had to turn away more than people than ever. according to the latest studies, homelessness is on the rise in the suckercks, former homeowners and women and children, people who never before have needed the government's help. laura engel joins us on the growing problem. >> hi, julie. many are finding themselves a
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stem away from losing their home, and it's not an option, leaving help and bill and children on the street. in the annual survey, found that the homeless rate was 1.6 million, the suburban rose to 22%. and shelters grew from 473,000 to 517,000. and the problem has left county executives and shelter operators scrambling to cover the basis. >> sometimes it's a lot cheaper to work to keep a person in their apartment and their home than dealing with them and their families once they have been evicted >> the calls will come in consistently with people in need of housing. so the empty beds are non-existent for the most part, or very very few and very few
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days. >> when you have think of homeless shelters, you may not picture a place loo looks like this in the heart of suburbia. but the look of the safe haven has changed with the demographics. it has been expanded in the backyard like a hotel to provide as many beds as possible for those who have lost their homes. the shelter is for women and children only and gives a warm bed for people like joan, who lost her husband and couldn't keep up with the bills. >> i didn't want to go into a shelter because i couldn't believe it. i had worked all my life, and this is what i had come down to. i wound up having nothing. >> adding insult to injury, many in the homeless population have mounting medical bills, and it's tough for people trying to get enough funding to keep them afloat. >> laura ingle, thank you.
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and they held to the polls and the stakes are high as the u.s. prepares to withdraw. security has been tight but a wave of violence could force the voters to stay home. more from baghdad and plus, after clashes at sea, an anti-whaling group facing trouble on land. and the reptilian predator lurking in a drug den. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call. i really could use some more life insurance.
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>> leaky faucets, walls, tiles, every home has dealt with problems like this at some time in your life. you could call in a pro to get it fixed and pay the cash or have the experts teach you how to do it yourself. in a fox report now have from claudia cowan. home remodeling and repair is expensive, and in thi economy, t can be out of reach for many contractors. students spend the day training a framed out room. most haven't been to trade
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school, and haven't used a hammer or saw, but they all want to save money on home improve the prompts. >> all you have to do is have the desire and come in from old clothes and not worry about getting dirty with hands on. with the right training, there are few projects that the homeowners can't handle themselves. wiring and plumbing and doing it right makes all the difference. >> you can tell almost immediately the difference between a homeowner job and a professional job, and we give them the tricks of the trade to help them do a more professional job. >> learning the trades can mean a bruise of the finger here and there. >> it's a minor booboo and i'm sure that it will be worth it. >> along with saving, there's a sense of pride. >> thank you get to say i did that, and that's exactly what i wanted. >> in san jose, california, claudia cowan, fox news. >> bottom of the power, and time
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for the to have of the news now, president obama waging a late stage push for healthcare reform. saying that the american people deserve an up or down vote from congress, and he says without reform, insurance companies will continue to take advantage of customers. and two u.s. cargo planes riving in chile, joining the ongoing relief effort for quake victims, near the epicenter in conception. imagine turning out on election day knowing that you nationed the risk of losing your life. it's an all-few familiar problem for acies. the attacks have killed dozens of people. the car bombing killed three people in najaf.
3:31 am
insurgents making it clear that they will use terror to keep people have going to the polls. despite the violence, there's plenty of evidence that the voters and the people have embraced democracy. >> iritaki forces, backed by the u.s. facility, have been preparing for the election for weeks. baghdad is under a 24-hour occur too. despite the violence in the weeks leading up to the election, this has been a vibrant campaign. campaign pers plaster the streets in downtown baghdad, intense competition for voter recognition. the voter's concerns and complaints may sound familiar. >> we need to solve iraqis problems with security and how'sing. voters have done their best to energize their base, but large gathers could be a target for violence, and candidates look for other ways to get their
3:32 am
message out. >> definitely, in the supplies and door-to-door. >> candidates have worked hard to counter a widespread perception that politician regulars corrupt and sectarian. >> you see it in the advertisements and in the debates, and there are a lot of people saying, you can trust me. >> skepticism has ail nateed from voters >> i don't go vote, the election is a fraud. >> powerful clerics have more influence than candidates over who shows up at the ballot box. >> he says that we must go, so we will go. >> late saturday, anti-american she at, al sadr, made a last-minute appeal to voters to show up and vote. he made a spot on tv, and it's thought to be his first public appearance in two years. julie. >> it may be hard to see under the hasn't and the customary
3:33 am
sunglasses, but that's the face of arguably the most oppressive regime in the world that we normally don't see. you guess who that is? it's kim yong ill. and he's the dear leader turned ral rally leader and factory. he's rarely ever seen in videos. kim recovered from a stroke in 1988. but speculations about his true health continues. now the push by the united states to restart peace talks. george mitchell and vice president, joe biden, said to visit the region in the coming days. looking to lay the groundwork between israel and the palestinians. it comes amid violence benefit palestinians and israelis. at the temple mountain.
3:34 am
the israeli police said that some of the worshipers threw stones at policemen and jews who were praying. rina has more. >> hi, julie, the organization of islamic conference said that yesterday's violence could spark a religious warp in the region. it began with young boys throwing stones at the temple te mount after prayers. >> the police are confronting them directly. it's more than two hours after the prayers ended here. we're so close at this action, and it could come down to us at any point. you can see on the ground how awful the stones, very heavy, concrete and bricks, are continued to be thrown here in the old city. >> this is the view from the other side. the clashes started after palestinians protested at the temple mount compond.
3:35 am
they're upset that the israeli government has decided to declare heritage sites in the west bank. land that they hope will be used for the palestinian state. they took the declaration as a meanings of provocation. some tried to take down the police security cameras designed to identify the stone throwers. dozens injured and 15 policemen. this comes as joe biden is expected to arrive in israel on monday, to start peace talks between israel and the palestinians, and george mitchell is expected here tonight. julie. >> rina, thank you very much. and somalia's government is planning a major offensive to gain control from al qaeda militants, and according to a new york times report u. the united states will join in the east for it's own anti-terror strategy. mogadishu has been a problem for
3:36 am
the u.s. for islamic extremists. the reports say that while the u.s. has provided training for the somalian military, opposing portion could be involved in the next coming weeks. the sea shepherds, the ant anti-whaling show on animal plan he want, ran into legal trouble as they returned to this were home important today. they came into hobart, austral australia, armed with a search warrant. the sea shepherds have become involved in self high-profile incidents with the japanese whaling ship. remember this incident? a boat and a ship collided at sea, badly damaging the boat. the sea shepherd accused the japanese of violating the international whaling laws, but
3:37 am
the japanese insists they're following the laws and call the group eco they were resists snow. >> two stops as we go across america. >> oklahoma, dramatic video of flames shooting out of a tulsa apartment building. fire crews rushing to the scene as everyone scrambles to get out of the building. one baby is rescued and residents hospitalized. >> i was trying to find my mom and found out she was okay, and so i'm pretty happy she's okay. >> fire officials trying to determine what sparked the blaze. florida, this mangled piece of metal wrapped around the tree is part of what's left after a small plane crashes into a vero beach neighborhood. seeing this video, it's hard to believe that the two people onboard the plane were pulled from the wreckage alive and were awake and talking.
3:38 am
neighbors say they heard a large boom when a plane slammed into a giant oak tree. >> it was a terrible explosion, and when it hit the tree, it shook the house, and it was a horrible explosion sound. >> the crash investigators looking into what happened. but the student pilot and the instructor made a similar trip a few cougars without any problems. >> virginia, imagine running into this guy in a home and unbeing expectly. that's what happened to some cops during the drug bust. they found this 3 footprint long alligator in a pond near the basement of a home they were raiding. the gator has a new home near a wildlife center, and the owner has been hit with several charges city. >> pennsylvania, a high school hero is born in scranton. [ cheers ] all it took is a tied playoff
3:39 am
game and one amazing half-court shot from senior, peter frank. let's see it again in slow motion. the 3 pointer put the game into overtime. and then even more drama when frank did it again. another 3 point for the 3rd overtime, winning the game. >> it's crazy, they say its national pete frank day. >> that's a fox watch across america. >> it's all about embracing winter in pennsylvania anyway. here's a wacky event that's taking sledding to a whole new level. in kidder township, they're using cardboard to make sleds, it's all part of the classic put on by the philadelphia radio station, and people from all over come for the party in the pokenos. >> with snowboarding, we have a cab i that we rent out for the weekend, and we have a bunch of
3:40 am
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the guide showed me how to be better organized which may help me finish projects on time. having adhd, i often spend a lot of time looking for things. the guide offered me tips on reducing clutter which helps me find important items. adhd affects each of us differently. this guide has tips and tools that you can personalize to fit your needs which may help you organize so you can focus on what's important throughout the day. for a free copy, call the number on your screen or visit >> users say that it lets them feel like they're smoking weed without the traditional buzz kill. it looks like pot, but it's incense laced chemicals to mimic thc high, it's the active drug in marijuana, but this stuff has none of it, which makes the
3:44 am
imitation perfectly legal in most states. for now at least. peter joins us live. >> this is the stuff, k2. it's totally legal because as you said, it's sold as an incense, but very few people are using it to freshen up their homes. watch this. even though it looks like this guy is breaking the law, he isn't, that's not pot, it's potpourri. jeff is smoking k2, a chemically enhanced incense sold legally across america. it has the same effect as marijuana but won't show up on a drug test. >> i can show up for a job without fearing that i'll get
3:45 am
tested. >> k2 is a totally legal way to toke up within the law. >> because of the economy, everybody is so stressed out and a bundle of nerves, and they want to sit back and say, this is cool and i want to not get in trouble with the law. >> good job. >> but the party may be over for k2 fans, because missouri and kansas are moving to classify it as a controlled substance and ban it. >> there's no way to test it to see if you're impaperred by the drug because it's not a legal substance yet. >> emergency rooms see problems with it. apparently people who smoke it think it's safe because they can buy it over the counter. >> it's not what you're expecting from the mom and pops marijuana of the 70s. it's not mellowing people out, it's making them agitated and
3:46 am
sometimes delirious. >> it sets you back 30 bucks, which is more than they pay for 3 grams of marijuana but high schoolers and others are lining up to pay extra for the legal high. >> thank you very much. >> a fare alert, folks, and let this one serve as a warning. police say a woman lost several fingers trying to feed a bear at a wisconsin zoo. she had been drinking and ignored numerous bear barriers and signs, to sum up, alcohol and feeding bears and ignoring zoo rules, and that's a bad combination. a bear and a trampoline that never gets old. a top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds.
3:47 am
>> the west bank, israeli troops using teargas against angry villagers. it happened when jewish settlers tried to bathe in a reservoir that palestinians used for water. three palestinians hurt and israel's army is investigating. >> mexico, a protest outside of the cuban embassy outside of mexico city over the death of a pro democracy activist. zapada died a week ago behind bars on the communist island. the result of an 80 day hunger strike. the people inside of the embassy shouted anti-castro protests. of a hailstorm pounds melbourne, sending waves of water rushing through the streets. >> it was very scary. >> meantime, more trouble in queensland, forcing hundreds of
3:48 am
folks from their homes. hindia, promoting peace through music. that's what india's government said it's doing by inviting military bands from around the world to play and perform. and they include bands from uk and sri lanka and napal. in hollywood, the countdown is onto the 82nd academy awards, but this year, you may notice pretty big changes. nominees are going to have to switch things up when it comes to this were acceptance speeches. how is this all going to play out and why the change? we have a live romp from the kodak theater coming up.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
>> well, we're just about 24 hours way from oscar night. the pre-parties are going strong, and the actors are already getting tips from the academy on what they should and shouldn't say, more like what they shouldn't say. if they're lucky enough to grab the gold guy, fox's jill is outside of the kodak theater and what's the academy asking the winners to do in their speeches, and why the change. >> they're asking them to not say thank you, can you believe it? they the them to save all of their tuesda thank yous to a bae camera, and on stage, what it means to them, and the producer said the idea is to keep the show moving. >> there are half a billion people out there watching so give them high entertainment. >> the other thing for me, watching for years, i've always
3:53 am
felt it was too long, and we're dedicated to try to bring the show in at three hours. >> under three hours, and we'll see if they can achieve it tomorrow night. >> that's a downer, of course you want to go up there and thank your family. if it weren't for your family, a lot of them wouldn't be standing there. what are the nominees saying? >> i agree with you, and the academy has been moving in this direction for some time. including matt damon, who has been down this road before. >> when you and ben affleck won an oscar, you thanked a lot of people. and this time they have been asked to save that. >> i understand why they want to do it. because the people at home don't know who all of these people r. but the reality, anybody who works in theater knows that there are hundreds of people behind the scenes and nobody
3:54 am
does it alone. >> monique said good luck keeping it short. she's ready to give a doozy of a speech. what were they going to do, take there are oscar back if they go too long? probably not. >> we'll probably hear a lot of long speeches tomorrow night. >> all right, jill dobson, it up very much. and, by the way, will be extreming it live 6:30 to 8:00. and now you can even get in on the action using's interactive ballot. go to and then go to all of major categories and see where you stand with other academy voters. >> here's a test, what past job should allow someone to rip an atm machine off the wall and carry it out on his shoulders?
3:55 am
this happened. and we'll let you know if you're right, next, and he tried to pull a fast one, too bad he chose the wrong means of transportation. the police chase where it's probably okay that this guy got the wrong start. next. i'm an adult with adhd. i'm getting treatment but sometimes i still have a hard time focusing and paying attention. it feels as though my thoughts are spinning. distractions can make my day even more challenging, especially the mornings, when i really need to be organized. now there is an action guide just for adults with adhd that may help. call the number on your screen for your free copy or visit the guide has tips that may help reduce distractions... so i can focus on my monthly sales goals and finish what i started. with adhd i sometimes have a hard time managing my
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don't miss our best tv offer: order now and you can get an extra four weeks of awesome meals! 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks. 140 meals absolutely free. call or click now. don't make me come looking for you. >> police chases, there's this guy, he decided to use a go-cart. he stole is it from his wife, and then the police were able to catch up with him. sweezy now charged with public drunkenness, and the go-cart is safely returned to the wife. we don't have another video to show you. a crime, a man claiming to be a professional summa wrestler, ripped a 200-pound
3:59 am
cash machine out of the wall and have carried it out on his shoulders. he and an accomplice were busted trying to keep from the get away car. the atm had over 800 bucks inside. >> one of of the most well known figures in broadcasting signs off the air as a long time members of of the cbs news, walter cronkite delivered it all. he reported at the height of the vietnam war. he signe passed away last summet his legacy lives onto this day, and that's the way it is 29 years ago today. >>. >> now you know the news, i'm julie, thanks for watching, and we'll see you back in the studio h. did you notice we were in a different studio tonight? we're in stu


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